Jarrabella TS

Berlin x N-Aldato ( Arabella Z )

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Cassini I Capitol I Capitano
Wisma Caletto II
Estia Caretino Caletto
Vardana Fernando

Arabella Z

N-Aldato Nimmerdor Farn
Shoraya Ladykiller xx
Z-Rebella Rebel Z I Ramiro Z
Argentina Z
H-Lorenza Ladykiller xx

Sold for: €13000

Sold to: Croatia

SEX:                Mare

BORN:             2014

SIZE:                170


Beautiful mare with a lot of quality



This beautiful brown mare has amazing looks. She moves very nice and has an amazing character. She is only 6-yaer old and jumps with an amazing mindset and easy riding abilities. Everyone can jump on and go to jump the course easily. You don’t have to look any farther to find the complete package



By Berlin and a half-sister to Glock’s Alato SR and out of the family of Dutch Capitol


Dam line

This Jaraballe is bred out of a Dutch family, she is a half-sister to the 145 performing Glock’s Alato with Gerco Schröder. 2nd dam Z-Rebelle is also the dam of the very well-known approved Holsteiner stallion Dutch Capitol who sired several 165 jumpers such as Dag du Buisson Z (Edward Levy) , Dodo 53 (Elena Kruchkova), Dusty s Z ((Ben Maher)  and many more top performers! Other international performers are Diablo Z and Bon Jovi SR. they both performed from 145 up to 155. This mare can be a lucky shot for you!


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07-05-2014 (Birth date) 21% (VAT) Belgium - Moerbeke (Location)

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