Mylord Carthago by Merveille de Muze/Qerly Chin

Mylord Carthago x Hornet Rose ( Jasmin Horta )

Sold to: Brazil

Mylord Carthago

Carthago Z Capitol I Capitano
Perra Calando I
Fragance de Chalus Jalisco B Alme Z
Nifrane Fury de la Cense

Jasmin Horta

Hornet Rose Quidam de Revel Jalisco B
Gold Rose Ibrahim
Jolie Rose Z
Begum de Muze Cruising Sea Crest
Merveille de Muze Nabab de Reve
Qerly Chin

NAME:              Artois 9520

SEX:                   Colt

BORN:               20-6-2023


Mylord Carthago by Merveille de Muze/Qerly Chin


Dam line

Does Mylord Carthago need any more introduction? First, he impressed by jumping around the world with great victories during several GP and championships! While in the meantime he built on his breeding career. Twenty-Two des Biches and Timon D’Aure are just a few to name. they successful made it into the highest level of sport, with an ultra-competitive mindset! 

Looking into the dam line of Artois, that’s where it really gets interesting! Dam Jasmin Horta is by Hornet Rose and Cruising out of the 160 jumping Merveille de Muze. She is a full sister to Walloon, Walnut and Werly Chin de Muze. 

This dam line produced multiple international top jumpers such as Bamboula de Guldenboom and Loro Piana Filou de Muze.

This dam line contains a lot of 160 international performers such as Ducati & Ederson vh Schuttershof, Narcotique I and II, Boyante de Muze, Vagabond de la Pomme, Sea Coast Ferly, Giovani de la Pomme and many more! 

A proper view on the Hippomundo Black Type pedigree is there for recommended!  

All foals have passed an extended vet check and were approved by Dr. Wouter Dierickx and by the auction board. For reports/findings and more information:   


Vet. Wouter Dierickx (+32 478 60 92 07 -

Valentijn De Brabander (+32 478 26 49 98 -

Christophe De Brabander (+32 486 21 90 31 -

Tim Reygaerts (+32 473 46 24 28 -

Tim Van Den Broeck (+32 474 51 82 32 - 

20-06-2023 (Birth date) NO VAT (VAT) Belgium - Letterhoutem (Location)

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