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Sold for: €12000

 Sire Berlin was ridden by Gerco Schöder. They won the gold medal during the world championships in Aachen 2006, became Dutch champion the same year and won again team gold at the Europeans Manheim in 2007 and won several 5* GP’s. Berlin is known for his strength and athletic power which is a perfect combination for this embryo! Berlin his offspring can be known from Falco, van ‘t roosakker (Sven Fehnl), Belano vd Wijnhoeve (Jean-Christophe de Grande), H&M Extra ( Olivier Philippaerts), Con Top (Carlos Milthaler), Ace (Alison Robitaille), H&M Zilverstar ( fam Philippaerts) and so many more to name! This sire combined with Napaijri is a perfect match….This dam line is so unique! Numero uno combined with the dam of Ludger Beerbaums Chiara 222 (contender) ! Her offspring already proved on a 160 level! Chiara herself made successful victories and placings in Aachen, Hamburg, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, and so many more! Halfbrother to Chiara 222 is Diamond Transporter (Quidado), also jumping on a 145 level. She proves her capability to produce sport horses, now it's your turn to buy the next one in line! Chiara 222 her dam was bred with Numero Uno, the libero H son.  Winner of the World Cup final at Den Bosch 1994. After his sport career she gave birth to several sport horses, Sterrenhofs Tamino (Marc Houtzager), Tyson (Leon Thijssen), Take Off (Eric Lamaze), Urgent (Steve Guerdat) are just a few to name. 

Second dam of Chiara 222 is Delia I, who is also the granddam of Simon Delestre his Chesall Zimquest. But more on Shiva (Maritt Skollarund), Cold as Ice 2 (Stella Trumpi), Commandor de Codre (Olivier Philippaerts)


13-07-2020 (Birth date)

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