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Auction closure: 19-06-2019 16:07 local time Belgium, except any extentions



Sold for: €5000

Born: 26-04-2017 - Sex: Stallion

The right thouroughbred

Father Cancara Z has won his test in Germany with 9.5 on movement, 10 on all jumping parts and 10 on ridability. Cancara's father Cassini I is famous for giving his jumping genes to his descendents out of which a lot of 1m60 (famous)  jumping horses.

Mother Saigon landzicht xx is a granddaughter of Secretariat. Secretariat was one of the most famous race horses in the world. From the 21 races, he won 16! Saigon Landzicht has done well in the run herself and has won 5 titles.
Half sister, Ursala, and half-brother, Trappist, both jumped 150 level.

With this foal, the strength, the rideability and the ability of the Cancara Z and the speed, hardness, endurance and responsiveness of the thoroughbred of the mother will lead to the ultimate eventing horse. 

All foals have passed a vet check and were approved healthy by Dr. De Kroon Liesbeth and Dr. Van Der Laar Frank and by the auction board. For reports and more information:  

Vet. De Kroon Liesbet (+31 6 20 36 08 87)
Vet. Van Der Laar Frank (+31 
4 13 47 26 50)
Rene van der Leest (+31 653 16 08 28 - info@dutcheventingstables.nl)

19-06-2019 (Birth date)

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