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Auction closure: 15-07-2020 20:39 local time Belgium, except any extentions



Sold for: €13000

 Dam Coberlina jumped herself on up to a 155 level with the Belgian Christophe Meirsschaert and Philippe Vanderhasselt. She’s bred by caretano Z out of a jumping family. Halfbrother Santa Cruz VDL jumped at a 160 level but he wasn’t the only family member. Glock’s Ambelina JB ( Gerco Schröder) and Eye Catcher JB did the same! Coberlina wasn’t just a lucky shot. She is bred by the most proven stallions, Ramiro Z and Nimmerdor. After a successful sport career, she just started in breeding. The prospects are big! This combined with the quality of Catoki, for sure this embryo is an eye catcher! Catoki’s quality… the progeny of Catoki is all over the world and shows of a lot of quality. Some of the most famous ones are Catch me if you can (Laura Klaphake and Anna Kellnerova), Cool Down ( Ludger Beerbaum), Contaga 3 (Alberto Zorzi), Amsterdam 27 (Mario Deslauriers) and so many more! The list is just endless… Just like Coberlina’s 160 jumping cousins! VDL Aberlino (Corland), Wait n See ( Cantos), Van Schijndel’s Amberlina (Tangelo vd Zuuthoeve), out of Coberlina’s 4thdam Queen of Diamonds (Rigoletto), Azreal (Chin Chin), Wesselina (Cumano), Mezcalero (Voltaire), Iris (Libero H), Olympic Andretti ( Ramiro Z), Rambo (Concorde), Kastello ( Concorde), Kwidanta van de Laarse Heide (Quidem de Revel), Barino (Larino), De Vleut (Vleut), Dino (Vingino), Elina (Carambole), Elina (Wild boy vh Lindehof), Quickdiamond (Quick Lauro Z), Berlina (Nimmerdor), Scutt ( Furore) and so many more! 


15-07-2020 (Birth date)

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