Charming Blue Joy

Volfonic xx x Charming Boy ( Cassy S )

Sold to: Netherlands

Volfonic xx

Zafonic xx Gone West xx Mr Prospector xx
Secrettame xx
Zaizafon xx The Minstrel xx
Mofida xx
Baiser Vole xx Foolish Pleasure xx What a Pleasure xx
Fool Me Not xx
River Rose xx Riverman xx
Barbarossa xx

Cassy S

Charming Boy Contendro I Contender
Farabella Caletto I
Graefin Top Graf Top I Graf Grannus
Winni Watzmann

Charmy Blue Joy is a lovely free filly with a harmonious build. During the foal inspections, the jury felt that the foal had an exceptionally beautiful head, something much valued in a horse. This foal is also 65% thoroughbred, which will certainly come in useful in the sport of eventing, where endurance is an important aspect. The foal has already taken the current owner by surprise with her jumping technique. Dam Cassy S passes on a nice social character to the foals and that can be seen in this lovely filly.
The foal has already taken the current owner by surprise with her jumping technique. Dam Cassy S passes on a nice social character to the foals and that can be seen in this lovely filly.
Dam Cassy S is a Hanoverian mare. s. Charming Boy x Graf Top 1. Charming Boy, classified international 1.45 metres, is an approved son of Contendro I, the top-class sire in no fewer than three disciplines which is in first place in the WBSH eventing rankings. Almost half of all Charming Boy's descendants jump internationally, including CCI4* eventing horse Drumaknockan Easter Charm of Louise Nicholson (IRL). 
Dam's sister, Eurogirl S (s. Escudo I) jumps with Marie Sophie Kerpering (GER) INT 1.40 metres
Third dam Winni (s. Watzmann x Perser xx): 
- Donnerlitchen (s. Drosselklang II) jumps 1.55 metres
o Le Vio (s. Van Gogh) jumps with Pablo Barrios (VEN) INT 1.60 metres
o Kennedy Z (s. Kashmir van Schuttershof) jumps with Eric Lamaze (CAN) INT 1.50 metres
- Diddi (s. Drosselklang II):
o Cornett (s. Cornet Obolensky) jumps GER 1.30 metres.
Dam Cassy has a lovely cooperative nature and passes on good height and strong build.
Short film of Charming Blue Joy: free jumping:
Volfonic xx DERBY WINNER 2001, is the only living thoroughbred in Europe with a great many genes from the best stallion ever: BOLD RULER XX 
BOLD RULER XX, achievements include being the absolute top thoroughbred sire of eventing horses according to the Rolex Thoroughbred analysis for eventing horses. 
Volfonic xx has the most Bold Ruler xx blood in his pedigree, double even, by way of the lines of both sire and dam! The Rolex Thoroughbred Eventing analysis also shows that Volfonic xx has roughly 3/4 of the other desirable thoroughbred eventing horses in his pedigree. This fact alone makes Volfonic xx particularly interesting, genetically, for the eventing sport. 
However, Bold Ruler xx genes have also proven to produce wonderful dressage horses, such as. Arlando 
Almost all of the top ten best show-jumping stallions in 2005 in the UK had Bold Ruler xx in the pedigree.   
Volfonic XX is a strong breeder, producing excellent foals and the perfect sire for passing on a lot of movement ! 

Kathleen Kirsan, author of three books and founder and manager of, analysed Volfonic XX's genetic predisposition for jumping. This is an abbreviated version of that analysis, and her final conclusion: 
Your breeding chances are excellent with this horse, due to the top-quality close-up: Mr. Prospector, Secretariat, The Minstrel, Foolish Pleasure en Riverman ... all these lines are as good as it gets, and you have three of them right up front!!
He also passes on eagerness to work, gentleness, agility, robustness and intelligence.  His first year of warmblood horses are now displaying good jumping. Volfonic XX is without doubt an asset to breeding, something which can be seen in almost all his descendants.

08-06-2019 (Birth date) 21% (VAT) The Netherlands - Kedichem (Location)

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