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Cicero Z x Ahorn Z ( Gemma del Castegno )

Auction from 24-10-2019 10:00 to 28-10-2019 20:15

Cicero Z

Carthago Capitol I Capitano
Perra Calando I
Rendez-Vous van Paemel Randel Z Ramiro Z
Alaric Z
Granie Graphit

Gemma del Castegno

Ahorn Z Alme Ibrahim
Heureka Z Ganeff
Carezza del Castegno Caretino Caletto II
Godiva Gaspari I

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Thanks to the proven sport lineage of both sire and dam, this foal will definitely turn out to be a good sport horse. The foal's sire has already more than proved his worth in sport, largely in international jumping and the dam's line can only add to this later in sport. Not only does the dam compete at 1.35 metres, she has also produced multiple horses which compete internationally in eventing. In short, this is a good opportunity to buy a horse which can certainly develop good eventing qualities and will definitely prove its worth in the show jumping ring in eventing. 
Sire Cicero Z van Paemel is increasingly becoming well-known internationally as a proven sire. He may well be the best son of the equally legendary Carthago Z. Cicero proves his worth time and again in breeding. A descendant of this stallion became foal champion in June: the filly won easily at the German version of the Z Festival in Marl. This also demonstrates the stallion's qualities, which lead to descendants proving their worth time and again at an early stage in the sport.  And it is not only this foal that is an example of the stallion's success. Other descendants have also been successful in the sport. Horsetelex shows that almost all his descendants rank high in the sport and are proven show jumpers. 
Dam Gemma del Castegno (Ahorn Z x Caretino x Gaspari, Holsteiner line 104a) jumped at 1.35 metres in Italy. Her first foal, Cape Town (s. Contendro I) (°2007) jumps at that level in Italy. Gemma also has a brother and sister jumping at the same level in Italy. Gemma has no fewer than five brothers and sisters running CCI at 2* to 4* level: Poesia del Castegno, Quirino del Castegno, Reuccio del Castegno, Scudo del Castegno and Tosca del Castegno.

05-04-2019 (Birth date) 21% VAT (VAT) Belgium - Geel (Location)

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