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Auction closure: 27-01-2021 12:05 local time Belgium, except any extentions



Sold for: €8000

Sex:  Stallion  -  Born:  2017  -  Size:  M 

Beautiful modern topsport horse in prospect! The comilfo plus Z son is just a look alike of Comme Il Faut! He is careful, has a great technique and a soupless way of moving! He can be your next sport horse!




Zangersheide son of Comme Il Faut and proven Cicero

Comilfo plus is the rising star of Stud Zangersheide. Due to an injury, they decided to retire him from sport and go for the breeding career. All of descents are just look-a-likes! They show the same technique, soupless and handiness as their father! Comilfo plus is bred by the well-known Comme il faut. His halfbrother Cobalou jumps also on a 145 level and second dam Weinranke produces several jumpers such as A lee springpower, Moon ray and Coralie. Combined with Cicero’s power, this is a must see! Cicero, the Carthago son, can be known from several international showjumpers such as Lunatique and Jewel de Kwakenbeek, IC Magic van de Bien, Gautcho da Quinta or Dolitaire Chavannaise!

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27-01-2021 (Birth date)

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