Half-brother/-sister Ceblesse and Ablesse

Cornet Obolensky x Voltaire ( Skiblesse )

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Cornet Obolensky

Clinton Corrado I Cor de la Bryere
Urte I Masetto
Rabanna van Costersveld Heartbreaker Nimmerdor
Holivea van Costersveld Randel Z


Voltaire Furioso II Furioso xx
Dame de Ranville
Gogo Move Gotthard
Coblesse Alcanar xx Abdos xx
Floriana xx
Roblesse Flugel van la Roche

Sold for: €13000

Sold to: Sweden

Dam of this embryo is the same dam as the AES approved stallion Ceblesse, this Darco-son made it to the 160 level with Gudrun Patteet and after with Kelly O’Connor. Also the Calvados-son Ablesse who was ridden by Ben Maher made it to the highest levels. The full sister of Ceblesse was named Beblesse and is dam of the 145 jumper Go Blesse van het Keizershof. Out of the half-sister Geblesse van ‘t Breemhof you can find the 150 performer Karthago van ‘t Breemhof. More up in this damline you’ll find:

-       Et Toi HH with Elin Uppling 

-       Obrahim van het Lindenhof 160 with Eric Wauters

-       Ublesco 160 with Robert Whitacker

-       Witness van ‘t Paradijs 160 with Stephanie Brugman

-       Forever SFN 160 with Jeroen Dubbeldam

-       Belvedere 160 with Oliver Bischop

As you can see, the list of proven performers is long enough! Don’t take this one as a lucky shot but as a certitude!


Does he need any more introduction? The Clinton x heartbreaker so already earned his stripes in sport and now even more in breeding! Together with Marco Kutscher they were part of the German team and booked succes all over the world. But it didn’t stop there! His offspring is almost as known as he is! European gold winner Clooney (Martin Fuchs), The impressive jumper of Darragh Kenny Balou de ReventonCristallo I (Hendrik von Eckerman), Cornado NRW and Comme il Faut (Marcus Ehning), Cornet D'amour (Daniel Deusser) and Marco Kutschers top horse, Cornet's Cristallo. Are just a few to name! 

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30-05-2021 (Birth date) 21% (VAT) Belgium - Damme (Location)

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