Cornet and Walnut together!

Cornet Obolensky x Emerald van't Ruytershof ( Eldora EH Z )

Sold to: Netherlands

Cornet Obolensky

Clinton Corrado I Cor de la Bryere
Urte I Masetto
Rabanna van Costersveld Heartbreaker Nimmerdor
Holivea van Costersveld Randel Z

Eldora EH Z

Emerald van't Ruytershof Diamant de Semilly Le Tot de Semilly
Venise des Cresles
Carthina Z Carthago Z
Tanagra 's' van het Darohof
Walnut de Muze Nabab de Reve Quidam de Revel
Melodie en Fa
Qerly Chin Chin Chin
Kerly D92

 Cornet already earned his stripes in sport but also in breeding! Together with Marco Kutscher they were part of the German team and booked succes all over the world. But it didn’t stop there! His offspring is almost as known as he is! Cristallo I (Hendrik von Eckerman), Cornado NRW and Comme il Faut (Marcus Ehning), Cornet D'amour (Daniel Deusser) and Marco Kutschers top horse, Cornet's Cristallo. Are just a few to name! and this combined with an exceptional dam line! Straight out of Walnut de Muze! Dam Eldora is bred by Emerald out of Exquis Walnut de Muze and is the full sister of the top stallion I’m Special de Muze! Walnut herself jumped with Harrie smolders to a 160 level. They took several wins of the past years. Walnut herself wasn’t a lucky shot. She is out of dam Qerly Chin! And does she need any more introduction? Just have a look at the hippomundo pedigree and take your time… It will be necessary! 

02-04-2020 (Birth date) 21% (VAT) Grobbendonk - Belgium (Location)

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