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Diamant de Semilly x Cachas ( Dollar Point )

Auction from 12-08-2022 10:00 to 16-08-2022 20:30

Diamant de Semilly

Le Tot de Semilly Grand Veneur Amour du Bois
Tanagra G
Venue du Tot Juriste
Venise des Cresles Elf III Ibrahim
Miss des Cresles Amarpour xx

Dollar Point

Cachas Caretino Caletto II
Pericula Corrado I
Harmonie D Landgraf I Ladykiller xx
Sofia Calypso I

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Start price: €6000


SEX:           Gelding

BORN:       2019

SIZE:          164


Dollars & Diamonds knows how to handle it, you can say he’s a look-a-like of Diamant’s qualities! With the quality he produces he can handle everything. A powerful jump combined with a good front leg and a strong hind. He will be a pleasure to ride thanks to his well-developed natural balance. During his jumping it was very remarkable how careful how he handled it time after time, a future top jumper!


by former WBFSH nr 1 Diamant, combined with Cachas and Landgraf I


Dam line

Dollar & Diamonds is bred by the legendary Diamant and goes back to Cachas and Landgraf I. is we take a closer look into 2nd dam Harmonie D, we’ll find several international 140 performers and the approved stallions Danny Boy de Flobecq Z and Contendus.

Going more up into this dam line brings us to the 160 jumper of Wilm Vermeir, Famine van ‘t Stekje and Nelson (Eoin Ryan), Picasso Des Bles (Jonathan Chabrol) and Quintano 56 (Thomas Ryan)

By having a rather small dam line, the quality given by this dam line is already proven! 

All horses have passed an extended vet check (clinical/X-rays) and were approved by Dr. Wouter Dierickx and by the auction board. For reports/findings/X-rays and more information:  


Vet. Wouter Dierickx (+32 478 60 92 07 -

Valentijn De Brabander (+32 478 26 49 98 -

Christophe De Brabander (+32 486 21 90 31 -

Tim Reygaerts (+32 473 46 24 28 -

Tim Van Den Broeck (+32 474 51 82 32 - 

19-06-2019 (Birth date) 21% (VAT) Belgium - Denderhoutem (Location)

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