Elbow de Reve Z

Eames de Hus x Eldiam de Reve ( Hilton Pacify )

Sold to: Hungary

Eames de Hus

Conrad Con Air Contender
Fair Lady IX
Minne I Locato
Miss Coriano Coriano Z Corrado I
Eroica II Ramiro Z

Hilton Pacify

Eldiam de Reve Diamant de Semilly Le Tot de Semilly
Venise des Cresles
Dira Courcelle Muguet du Manoir
Valse de la Croix
Maree du Borda Urbain du Monnai Narcos II
Electre II
Brune du Borda Grand Veneur
Harpe du Castel

SEX:         Stallion

BORN:      2019

SIZE:        177


Elbow is an impressive appearance! He radiates more than just power. Time and again he manages to balance his jump. A fast front leg and a good hindquarters always ensure that he manages to take the obstacle with class. He will be the dream for many riders to start working with



By the young Conrad de Hus-Son, Eames de Hus, out of Pacino blood and the dam line of Christina Liebherr’s LB Midship Du Borda.


Dam line
Elbow has a strong genetic base to fall back on. Sire Eames radiates strength and proves his class at international level, while the dam's side has already produced several top jumpers. 2nd dam Maree Du Borda is a full sister of the 160 jumping Harpon du Borda and in turn is a niece of the Du Plessis family. Rominet du Plessis (Antonia Vita), Quadrige de Bioagrico (Christophe Grangier) Soho du Plessis (Alexis Deroubaix), Unic du Plessis (Pietro Meucci) all jumped a 145 level respectively. We also find LB Midship du Borda and Rivage Du Borda, both reached a 160 level with their rider.

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01-02-2019 (Birth date) NO VAT (VAT) Belgium - Retie (Location)

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