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Bamako De Muze, the Darco son out of Fragance De Chalus, is a halfbrother to Mylord Carthago. The impressive grey stallion who is working his way up on the WBFSH ranking and is currently ranked 4th! 

Bamako his offspring is showing quality and are performing on a constant level up to 160! Some of his offspring

-       Don Juan vd Donkhoeve who is an Olympic Silver medal winner in Tokyo 2020 

-       The impressive stallion of Koen Vereecken and Karline De Brabander, Kasanova de La Pomme, recent winner of the 4* GP in Valence

-       Bellissimo Z who won Bronze at the European Championships Zuidwolde for Juniors with young talented rider Thibeau Spits and succeeded in a victory during the L’Hermes U25 GP in Wellington,

-       Brunelli Di Fer (Sophie Stenbeck and Hanne Mertens),  Sea Coast Monalisa van ‘t Paradijs (Gudrun Patteet), Elize (Aymeric de Ponnat), Cacacha van het Schaeck (Max Sebrechts), Celine van de Wolfsakker (Melissa Vanzini),  Be cute van de Wolfsakker Z (Sam Polleunis), Sea Coast B 52 F Z (Gudrun Patteet), and Capiche ter Elzen (Sven Van Dijck) and many more! 


The mother of this embryo has also performed at the highest level, as a succesful 7-year old, she jumped 7/7 clears and became later Begian Champion 7 years old. After she was sold to the American Kent Farrington to jump on the highest classes in Wellington, Poland & Lummen. She has not only lived up to her name in sport, but her added value is also visible in breeding. Her eldest son, Casper Z, who is approved for the Zangersheide studbook jumped to a 140 level while his 6-year-old half-brother Dejan HMD is currently jumping the 125.

The first of 2 known relationships is Carpacio van Spalbeek. The gelding jumped up to 160 in the past with Glenn L'Hoest, while half-brother Cassiano II took it up to a 150 level.


Great-granddam Ralpha Z is something very special, she is the full sister of Robin I and Robin II Z. Both approved stallions have proven themselves sportingly and in the offspring! Both Ramiro Z sons jumped at the World Cup level, and Robin I caused a furore during the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996 with the Swedish rider Peter Eriksson.


Not only the renowned stallions were part of this excellent pedigree, but several sporting results are also due to the genetic basis of Alpha Z (by Almé Z)

- Botero de Hus under the saddle of Francois Bossu

- Alice Mury Marais Z with Patrick McEntee

- Magnus Jaen Mail & Callao both with Antonio Maurer

- Carry Z with Judy-Ann Melchior who is also the mother of the approved stallion CopyCat Z (Harrie Smolders)

- Air Borne Z with Emanuel Andrade

- Ceazor Z with Tarid Khrisat

- Cosmos Z with Eiken Sato

An endless list of top sport horses that have made a difference over the years! The offspring still has an influence on our contemporary sport and therefore deserves a look at the Hippomundo pedigree!

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07-08-2022 (Birth date)

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