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Sold for: €11000

Power producer Eldorado van Zeshoek more than lives up to expectations in both sport and breeding. Under Willem Greve, the Clinton son belongs to the Dutch top and jumped several Nations Cups. In breeding, Eldorado van de Zeshoek is without a doubt a foundation stallion in the making, with three KWPN-approved sons already: Grandorado TN, Grodino and Highway M TN.
His best-known sporting offspring are Killer Queen VDM, who won the World Cup in Mechelen and 
 Elektrik Blue P who won the Rolex Grand Slam in s' Hertoghenbosch.

Mother of this special embryo is none other than ¾ sister Hardrock Z! She was bred out of the well-known Carte Blanche Z (By Carthago Z). Half-brother Hardrock is bred by Heartbreaker, while his other half-brother Charlemagne JT Z bred by Cachas still makes good weather in Italy with Riccardo Pisani. Both stallions are approved for breeding after a brilliant career at the highest level. Further emerging talents from Dame Blanche are: Be the Freak JT Z, Domingos JT Z and Diablo vh Dingeshof Z. In the meantime, they all jump at a 140 level.Furthermore, Dame Blanche has 2 well-known daughters:

    - Cocaine Z & Happy Days Z- Cocaine Z is the dam of Tabou Z (Treasure Z), Crowntano Z (Crown Z), Zaza Z (Zandor Z), Corico Z (Coriano Z) and Ascaina Z (Asca Z).

    - Happy Days, on the other hand, can be known as the dam of Dynamis KC 'Berlin), Classy Cat JT Z (Clarimo ASK) and Candy Cat JT Z (VDL Cardento), all jumping from 145 to 160. Happy Days is also grandmother of Maartje Verbeckmoes' Dancing Queen JT Z.
If we look further at this mare line, we find several sport horses. Lord II Z (Geir Gulliksen), Catman Z (Edouard Mathe), Zippo Z (Freddie Vazquez), Embassado JT Z (Ruben Lamers) and Camaro Z (Dag Ove Kingsrod) are descendants of Grandmother Monica.There are also 160 jumping Lady Catalina and Skjerabergs Larkin.

To discover the whole family, having a look at the Hippomundo pedigree is recommended!

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07-08-2022 (Birth date)

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