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Sold for: €4000

Sire H-Ekwador is the son of one of the best thoroughbreds in thoroughbred breeding:
Heraldik XX. H-Ekwador competed in dressage at Olympic level.
Dam of foal and Embryo is:
Gemma del Castegno (SI) born 2003 v.Ahorn Z x Caretino x Gaspari. / Holstein Lineage 104 A.
Dam Gemma del Castegno (Ahorn Z x Caretino x Gaspari, Holstein lineage 104A) jumped at 1.35 metres in Italy. Her first foal, Cape Town (v. Contendro I) (°2007) jumps at that level in Italy. Gemma also has a brother and sister jumping at the same level in Italy. Gemma has no fewer than five brothers and sisters running CCI at 2* to 4* level: Poesia del Castegno, Quirino del Castegno, Reuccio del Castegno, Scudo del Castegno and Tosca del Castegno.

Embryo 2020 from H-Ekwador x Gemma del Castegno. (Embryo in own dam)
Expected around 22 April 2020. (The foal will be born and reared in the St.Hubertushoeve stables in Geel, Belgium. Extra costs of this: 2,000 euros)

25-11-2020 (Birth date)

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