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Mylord Carthago x Flipper d'Elle ( Pirole de la Chatre )

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Mylord Carthago

Carthago Z Capitol I Capitano
Perra Calando I
Fragance de Chalus Jalisco B Alme Z
Nifrane Fury de la Cense

Pirole de la Chatre

Flipper d'Elle Double Espoir Ibrahim
Quatrieme Espoir
Pavlova des Malais Jalisco B
Guele d'Amour
Alicia de la Tour Prince Ig'Or Abidjan
Diane de l'Or
Ombrie du Chateau Rio Negro
Carole de Roche

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What do you need to breed something exceptional? A proven stallion like Mylord Carthago and a proven damline! This  Carthago son jumped himself the highest level of sport with Penelope Leprovost. Now his breeding is even more valuable, his most renowned descends are Bingo Du Parc, Twenty to des Biches, Timon d’Aure and many more! 

All of this valuable genetic material traces back to the multiple championship winner, Pirole de la Chatre! Pirole, a Flipper d'Elle mare, achieved impressive heights in show jumping, reaching up to 150 with her rider, the French Camille Conde Ferreira. She is also a full sister to Sherkan de la Chatre, who effortlessly cleared fences up to 145 under the guidance of the Italian rider Michele Ruscitto.

Pirole herself has an impressive championship record, including four gold medals. She became the Champion of France at the age of 7, the Individual Champion of France Junior, and twice the European Champion—once as part of a team in Vejer de la Frontera (2013) and finally as the Individual champion in Wiener Neudstad (2015). She also earned a silver medal individually in Millstreet (2016) and a bronze Individual in Vejer de la Frontera (2013). Pirole's success was no fluke, as she is another half-sister to the world cup winner, Audi's Fanny de la Tour. This Trias du Gue mare, representing the USA, secured several victories in the early 2000s and was ranked among the Top 100-best horses in 2004 and 2005.

Pirole's other half-sisters have also made their mark in the world of show jumping. They gave birth to international top performers like Uppsala Du Figuier and Urricane de La Chatre, both of whom are still competing at a high level, reaching 150-155. Looking further up this damline, you'll find Tamalou du Yam's and Sir de Diamant, both of whom are competing up to the 145 level. Another notable relative is Tarzan D'Ivraie, a Kannan son who jumps at 160 with the Mexican rider Arturo Parada Vallejo. It's also worth mentioning HN Nathan de la Tour AA, a very talented and approved stallion who showed immense potential but sadly had to say goodbye too soon due to an accident at the young age of 7.


In summary, this damline is one of the best Anglo-Arab damlines you can find. You won't need to look much further to find your new investment in the world of show jumping!


The carrier mares are checked for pregnancy at moment of auction. 

Insurance of the embryos is possible by our partner David Ashby Europe -  - contact Heidi Roberts (email: – Whatsapp: + 44 7732 691778)


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16-04-2024 (Birth date) 5,5% (VAT) France - Colombieres (Location)

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