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Sold for: €11000


The stallion who made this possible has performed at the highest level for several years! The Mr. Blue son has now been approved for various studbooks after a fantastic sport career. Not only did he win the World Cup final, but he was also part of the gold winning team at the WEG in Kentucky. Some of his most famous offspring are Le Blue Diamant van t Ruytershof and Ginger-Blue.


When we look at the mother's side, we find some very special performers! The mother, named Cassina, is a half-sister of the well-known Carlow Van De Helle. A Caretino son who under the saddle of Constant Van Paesschen managed to secure several international victories up to 160 level. As well as a half-brother Fixdesign Chop did it up to 160 with Filippo Marco Bologni.


The more we climb in this pedigree, the more sports achievements we find! Several 150 to 160 jumpers descend from this dam line:

- Annaconda with the Swiss Willi Melliger

- Ballantine di Villagana with Giacomo Casadei

- Ego Di Villagana with Andrea Messersic

- Cassina with Russian Alina Zakharov

- Zapria with the Slovak Bronislav Chudyba

- Ulme de Fuegers with Abdullah Humai Al Muhairi

They are all closely related to the mother of this embryo Cassina. A look at the hippomundo is also recommended!



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07-08-2022 (Birth date)

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