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To put it in the words of Christan Ahlmann: Father Taloubet has unbelievable strength, unparalleled scope and a lightning-fast front leg!” Does it need to be further described which qualities this Galoubet son passes on? Not only did he experience highlights in the sporting field, but his half-brothers are also of important breeding genetics! Big Star Jr K (by Big Star) or Nadal Hero & DB are just a few to mention. Some of Taloubet's offspring are currently performing at a very high level, for example Take A Chance on Me Z or Taloubetdarco K Z


This genetic material comes together in the mother named Renske van 't Hagenhof. This four-year-old mare is a descendant of the popular stallion Balou du Rouet out of No-Nonsense van 't Roosakker. This in turn is an Echo van 't Spieveld daughter that goes back to Atoucha van 't Roosakker.

No-nonsense is a full sister of the 150 jumping Leonardo van 't Roosakker (Adriano di Canto) and a half sister of Zarkava Hero Z. Very related to Renske is the upcoming stallion Dourkhan Hero Z, this Sea Coast Don't Touch is a grandson of 2nd dam Inka van 't Roosakker.

Summarizing the entire family of Atoucha would take us very far, so a summary of what you can expect when purchasing this Taloubet embryo!

               - Electra van t roosakker with Jos Lansink on a 160 level

               - Horpleasure van t roosakker at 160 level with Manon Hebette

               - Kaprice jumping to a 160 level with Kent Farrington

               - The foundation stallion of Zangersheide, Kassander van t Roosakker

               - Tinkoucha van 't roosakker with the Belgian Leonie Peeters

               - Attoucha with the American Paris Sellon.

The entire mare line goes back to the well-known Usha van't Roosakker. A look at the Hippomundo pedigree is therefore not an extra luxury!


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07-08-2022 (Birth date)

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