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Auction closure: 13-07-2020 02:51 local time Belgium, except any extentions



Sold for: €13000

Does he need any more introduction? During the Olympic games in Rio, 8 of his (grand)childs participated… unique! During his own career he succeed in four times team gold during the big championships and earned over 1,8 million euro in total. He gives his jumping ability, suppleness and wonderful attitude to all of hi progeny such as Fit For Fun (Luciana Diniz), Funky Fred (Marcus Ehning), Flinstone van ‘t Eigenlo (Megan Dermotte), Horpleasure van ‘t Roosakker (Louis Bouhana), Hello Forever (Scott Brash) and many more! And it comes to another interestingly bred mare, Uyuni Z. the Ustinov daughter is a half-sister to Hello Forever himself. The mighty jumper of Scott Brash who won/ranked during his outstanding career almost everywhere. As we can notice, Hello Forever was by For pleasure and his half-sister is crossed with For Pleasure we come really close to the same combination and let us dream of another Hello Forever! And as we can see in the Hippomundo Pedigree, Hello Forever wasn’t the only one in this dam line, his full-brother Vaillant performed with the KAZ Xeniya Garkushkina up to 150 and out of their half-sisters, Cherrypop (Mario Deslaurier) and Isacorada (Susan Fitzpack) came. Both international top performers. We wouldn’t say this is a gamble but an easy buy! 

13-07-2020 (Birth date)

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