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Sold for: €9000

Embryo is pregnant in the carrier mare, the carrier mare is located in France - Toul and the expected birth of date is 20/05/2021 

It’s only very recent that this Carthago son is commonly used in breeding. First to start he did what he had to do during his sport career with numerous of placings during his career up to 160 with the Jordanian rider Bisharat and Edwina Tops Alexander. And Old Chap Tame didn’t got it from a stranger, in his family you’ll find several top sires such as the well-known Narcos II who is the base of Tangelo but also Quat Sous (Eric Navet) and more recent Old Chap Tame’s halfbrother, Rubis Tame who jumped up to 155 with Rachel Baechlor. The youngest of his offspring are now 9-year-old and performing up to 150. The most known one will be Biblou du Perron with Daniel Bluman and Betty du Vauvidal (Emanuele Bianchi). Sire Old Chap Tame was combined with the proven breeding line of De Breve.
The full sister of this embryo is Ulievka de Breve, a Toulon mare who jumps up to 160 with Alicia Page. 2
nd dam is Calypso For Ever, a Galoubet A mare who was on her turn the dam of Kedehop De Breve who was a World Cup Winner in Ryad 2012 with the Spanish Cayetano Martinez. And it doesn’t stop there! 3th dam is already far back in time but so much quality present! Nagali (by Diaghilev XX) was the beginning of so many international jumpers such as the 150-160 horses Larioso (McClain Ward) who won GP’s up to 4* level, Ever D’Hoogpoort (Jonathan McCrea) and Loops de Batilly (Daniel Etter). Going even more up into this dam line will bring us to the De Kreisker family, they can be known from Once de Kreisker (Phillipe Lejeune) Kirfa de Kreisker (Ibrahim Hani Bisharat) and Quisling Pedreira Joter (Cesar Almeida), Kiwi du Fraigneu, Prem Dollar Boy, Fidgie Girl all jumped the highest classes. Fakir de Kreisker (Julien Daunat), Helisa de Kreisker (Abdelkebir Ouaddar) and Liberto de Kreisker (Lysa Doerr), Baillou d’Hoogpoort (Odile Gierich), nardetto du Moulin ( Lodovica Montel), Henrietta (Andrea Caprara), Clever Aremac (Federico Girelli), A kyss jumped consistently on 145 level. to name them all and to have the proper overview, take your time to have a good look at the Hippomundo-pedigree of this outstanding combination!  

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19-06-2021 (Birth date)

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