Olympia Utopia vh Buitenland

Ibolensky x Herald 3 GFE ( Keara Utopia vh Buitenland )

Sold to: United States


Cornet Obolensky Clinton Corrado I
Rabanna van Costersveld Heartbreaker
Holivea van Costersveld
Catriona Z Contender Calypso II
Femmenor V Nimmerdor

Keara Utopia vh Buitenland

Herald 3 GFE Heraldik xx Caramel xx
Heraldika xx
Alassia Lorenz
Esta Initia vh Buitenland Vaillant For Pleasure
Initia Calypso
Desiree Utopia

A robust gelding, with a firm trot, supple and with a good front. This is what jury member Merel Blom said about Olympia Utopia van het Buiten-land during the National Foal Inspections for Eventing. 
Olympia is a descendant of Ibolensky and therefore has both proven sire Cornet Obolensky and Contender in the genes. 
The dam is a Herald 3 descendant from a Valliant dam, so the important thoroughbred of Heraldik, one of the proven sires for eventing, is represented. It also turns out that Valliant has a gift for eventing and passes on great thoroughbred pedigree.
Olympia Utopia van het Buiten-land has a huge canter and always leads in the pair. He is fast and agile and can switch really well, giving him a talent for eventing.
The Utopia pedigree of the Lady Reveil lineage has already produced a huge number of Grand Prix horses in dressage and show jumping. Together with the mix of Heraldik and Contender, Olympia is perfectly suited to eventing.
All descendants of second dam Esta do very well in the sport. For example, the six-year-old star mare Initia Utopia is already jumping at 1.30 metres and the four-year-old Kyandro is jumping wonderfully at 1.10 metres. And in free jumping, dam Keara demonstrates that she has great talent. Third dam Initia competed at 1.35 metres. All the horses from this breeding line have a very fine canter and are down-to-earth, with ample capacity and tact. 


06-05-2019 (Birth date) NO VAT (VAT) The Netherlands - Putten (Location)

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