Grand dam Narcotique II de Muze

Opium JW vd Moerhoeve x Malito de Reve ( Elite de la Pomme )

Sold to: Italy

Opium JW vd Moerhoeve

Kannan Voltaire Furioso II
Gogo Move
Cemeta Nimmemrdor
Ischgl de Muze Nabab de Reve Quidam de Revel
Melodie en Fa
VDL Groep Eureka Chin Chin
Beauty-Belle van't Roosakker

Elite de la Pomme

Malito de Reve Cumano Cassini I
Chanell II
Dira Courcelle Muguet du Manoir
Valse de la Croix
Narcotique de Muze II Darco Lugano van la Roche
Qerly Chin Chin Chin

The foal must be registered with suffix ‘vd Bisschop’ in his/her given name and
Stal den Bisschop will be mentioned as co-breeder of this foal.

The best of 2 worlds is coming together in 1… the dam line of Ta belle van Sombeke and Narcotique just in one exclusive embryo! Sire Opium is bred by Kannan and Nabab out of VDL Groep Eureka. Opium showed of his quality last World Championship for young horses as 5-year old by ending 5th in the finals. A halfbrother of Opium is Mumbai, the Diamant son who was one of the revelations in Lanaken. They are all based on the strong genetics of Eureka. The 160 jumping mare who became Dutch Champion with Maikel van der Vleuten and is dam of the Impressive Jeleena de Muze. Eureka is a descent of Beauty-belle van’t Roosakker. She is on her turn a half-sister of Ta Belle van Sombeke. Ta Belle is the mother of twice olympic gold London, and the GP horses Taran de la Pomme, Golden Hawk, Dabelle, Pikap, Casimir de la Pomme and Wabelle de Muze. Dam Elite de la Pomme is bred by Malito de Reve, the Cumano son who also sired Niels Bruynseels Gancia de Muze and Jerome Guery’s Olympic horse Grand Cru vd Rozenberg. Elite is straight out of Narcotique de Muze II, the Darco out of Qerly Chin. Elite herself is the base of some really interesting and promising international performers, such as the 160 jumper with Aymeric de Ponnat, Elize. This mare was sold as a 7-year old during the Ten Auction of Tal Milstein and is now fully showing his potential. Another super star is Nero de Semilly. The Diamant x Lord Z stallion is ranked week after week with Jeroen Appelen with an icing on the cake with a 3th place during the 6-year old in Lanaken World Championships for young horses. And after it all goes back to Qerly chin and Narcotique II, the list of their products is just endless…  Merveille de Muze (Trevor Coyle) , Loro Piana Filou de Muze (Philippe Lejeune), Narcotique II De Muze (Eric Lamaze), Vedet de Muze (Joe Clee), Querlybet Hero ( Philippe Lejeune), Loro Piana Boyante De Muze (Philippe Lejeune), Estoy Aqui de Muze (Kevin Staut), Vagabond De La Pomme(Penelope Leprovost) , Go Easy de Muze ( Darragh Kenny), Heroine De Muze ( Taizo Sugitani), Iphigeneia De Muze (Gregory Whatelet), Sea Coast Ferly (Gudrun Patteet), Farfelu de la Pomme (Jos Verlooy), Giovanni de la Pomme (Julien Epaillard), Ducati Van't Schuttershof (Gilles Thomas), Ensor de Litrange LXII (Lorenzo Di Luca), Derly Chin de Muze (Eric Lamaze), Diablesse de Muze (Joe Clee), Walnut de Muze (Harrie Smolders), I'm Special de Muze (Zoï Snels), Horizon de Regor (Pieter Clemens)… those are just the top of the ice mountain…. A proper view to the Hippomundo pedigree is a must!

10-07-2020 (Birth date) 21% (VAT) Belgium - Melle (Location)

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