Rance van't Oud Vliegveld (°2017)

Tangelo vd Zuuthoeve x Clinton ( Wadermie )

Auction closure: 12-11-2018 21:00 local time Belgium, except any extentions

Tangelo vd Zuuthoeve

Narcos II Fair Play III Quastor
Ma Pomme
Gemini Tanael
Il Pleut Bergere
Olympia van de Krekebeke Laudanum xx Boran xx
Monta Bella xx
Racyona Ramiro


Clinton Corrado I Cor de la Bruyere
Urte I Masetto
Cadermie Abgar xx Abernant xx
Karadja xx
Dermie Rigoletto
Hermi D

Sold for: €7500

Sex: Mare
Born: 2017
Size: M/L


18 months old Rance van ’t oud vliegveld showed good movements and top technique during jumping! Smart and careful, all you need in our current sport.



BWP ambassador Tangelo vd Zuuthoeve by a Clinton mare with thoroughbred blood, Agbar xx



Rance second dam, Cadermie, is also the dam and granddam of several international sport horses. Cadermie is the dam of 160 jumper Radermus (Burggraaf) and granddam of Faberge (Corneulle), Emamdermus (Cooper vd Heffinck) and Sadermie (Cartier vd Heffinck)

Granddam Dermie has also several sport horses to name, Breezer (Cavalier), Utopia (Namelus R), S.Adermie 13 (Namelus R) and full brother W Adermie 54.

All horses born in 2017 have passed an extended vet check (clinical) and were approved by Dr. Wouter Dierickx and by the auction board. For reports/findings and more information:  

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02-05-2017 (Birth date) NO VAT (VAT) Belgium - Waasmunster (Location)

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