Regazza STB (°2017)

Vigo d'Arsouilles x Echo van't Spieveld ( No Mercy van't Roosakker )

Sold to: Germany

Vigo d'Arsouilles

Nabab de Reve Quidam de Revel Jalisco B
Melodie en Fa Artichaut
Illico d'Arsouilles Fleuri du Manoir Ibrahim
Sirene C
Venzin d Arsouilles Childebert

No Mercy van't Roosakker

Echo van't Spieveld Heartbreaker Nimmerdor
Tequila van Spieveld Capital
Quina van Spieveld
Inka van't Roosakker Calvaro Z Caletto I
Atoucha van't Roosakker Darco
Usha van't Roosakker

Sex:  Mare  -  Born:  2017  -  Size:  M 


A beautiful typed brown mare, out of an outstanding damline. In the blink of an eye you already notice the amazing qualities she got! She wants to be careful in every way, has a nice technique and jumps every time with the same soupless. This mare is more than sport only, she got the pedigree as well! 



The power of world champion Vigo and the technique and mindset of Echo/Heartbreaker


Father Vigo d’Arsouilles was crowned World Champion 2010 in Kentucky with Philippe Le Jeune. He was also placed fourth in GP Aachen and won Nations Cup La Baule twice. Vigo was part of the Belgian team at Olympic Games London 2012 and could be know from his offspring to, Go Easy de Muze, the Dutch Champion or Golden Hawk who won in London Olympia and the Grand Prix of Liverpool but also from World-Equestrian-Revelation Irenice Horta, who became final 7th with Lorenzo Di Luca and was sold to the Irish Cian O’Conner. Dam No Mercy is by Echo and is close related to the new Z-star, Dourkhan Hero Z (Sea Coast Don’t Touch Tiji Hero). 3th dam is the famous Atouche van ‘t Roosakker. And if we take a closer look on her, we find half-sister of Inka van ‘t Roosakker, Gatouche van’t Roosakker who jumped 150 and Falco Van’t Roosakker (Berlin) who jumps on a 160 level with the Italian Stefano Brecciaroli. But also, the impressive Electra van ‘t Roosakker who jumped with Janika Sprunger and Pieter Clemens up to 160! The dam line goes back to the well-known Usha van’t Roosakker who jumped 160 herself. Her offspring is outstanding with multiple 160 horses… a silver medalist during the European Championships in Herning 2013 Cella (Cento) with Ben Maher, Emporio and Equador van’t Roosakker both Nabab offspring. Babbe van’t Roosakker (Kannan) who jumped herself on the highest level. This damline is outstanding and demands a closer look to the Hippomundo pedigree! It would be a shame to miss all the sport horses this damline produced during the years! This damline changed the Belgian breeding history!

All horses have passed an extended vet check (clinical/X-rays) and were approved by Dr. Wouter Dierickx and by the auction board. For reports/findings/X-rays and more information:  

Vet. Wouter Dierickx (+32 478 60 92 07 -
Valentijn De Brabander (+32 478 26 49 98 -
Christophe De Brabander (+32 486 21 90 31 -
Tim Reygaerts (+32 473 46 24 28 -
Tim Van Den Broeck (+32 474 51 82 32 - 

23-03-2017 (Birth date) 21% (VAT) Belgium - Meerdonk (Location)

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