Rosengart Toy vd Braembeier

Dinky Toy vd Kranenburg x Cayado ( Ibs )

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Dinky Toy vd Kranenburg

Ugano Sitte Clinton Corrado I
Urte I
Ialta Sitte Avontuur
Insel Sitte
Altesse de la Diligence Kimball Darco
Rimba Fellini


Cayado Clearway Capitol I
Irrada Calando
Maja van hof ten Velde Almhugel de Lauzelle Widukind de Lauzelle
Silhouette de Lauzelle
Ingritte van Klaveren Aas Fleuri du Manoir

Sold for: €12000

Sold to: Colombia

SEX:              Gelding

BORN:           2017

SIZE:             165


Quality Show jumper Pur sang



This good-looking gelding shows a lot of potential, he got the same way of jumping as his sire Dinky Toy. He is careful, uses his back very well and finish with a nice hindleg. Due to his balance and nice character, we do think that Rosengart has a great potential for the future!



The combination of Lorenzo Di Luca’s Dinky Toy and the family of Corrado I



Rosengart is bred out of a rather small family but the potential of this breeding is present. 2nd dam Maja van ‘t Hof ten Velde is dam of several international top jumpers. First to name is Sigane vd Grundeval (Skippy II), who jumped under the saddle of Rodrigo Pessoa up to a World Cup 160 level. and also her full brother, Esteban C, jumped up to 145 with Mohammed Ibrahim Mubarak.


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21-04-2017 (Birth date) 21% (VAT) Belgium - Kortemark (Location)

Latest bids

21:09:28      Ugano sitte combined with a 160-producing dam €11000
21:09:49      Winningmoods fullsister and WBFSH nr 1! €12000
19:09:18      Comme Il Faut out of a World Champion mare €9500
19:09:59      Winningmoods fullsister and WBFSH nr 1! €11000
18:09:42      Comme Il Faut out of a World Champion mare €9000
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