Leipheimer van't Verahof x Montebello la Silla ( Magnolia LS )

Sold to: Belgium

Leipheimer van't Verahof

Vigo d'Arsouilles Nabab de Reve Quidam de Revel
Melodie en Fa
Illico d'Arsouilles Fleuri du Manoir
Venzin d Arsouilles
Southern Queen xx South Gale xx Gairloch xx
Sunset xx
Comedy Queen xx Queen's Hussar xx
Cour Supreme xx

Magnolia LS

Montebello la Silla Polydor Pilatus
Fata Morgana
Pamina Parademarsch I
Britt Iseng Monsieur X xx
Oekie Flevo

Born: 18-03-2018 - Sex: Mare

World Class qualities!

Grandmother is Olympic Eventing Horse Britt and sire Leipheimer van't Verahof is at the start of his international career. Leipheimer is full brother to the Olympic and World Equestrian Games horse of Karin Donckers: Fletcha van't Verahof.

The first foal of the dam Magnolia LS: Lamicell Iris is running CCIC3* with her owner and breeder, a real family story. This dam line is really known for its performances on the highest level of Eventing. Horses like Big Ben (Ian Millar), Candy (Pieter Devos), Millar (Guillermo Obligado) and Dixson (Ian Millar) even did the very best in the Jumping arena. In Eventing we find horses like Bridget (Jan van Beek), Lamicell Unique (Karin Donckers), Nikita (Karin Donckers) and Qingling (Karin Donckers) who all did 3 and 4-star level Eventing!

All foals have passed a vet check and were approved healthy by Dr. De Kroon Liesbeth and Dr. Van Der Laar Frank and by the auction board. For reports and more information:  

Vet. De Kroon Liesbet (+31 6 20 36 08 87)
Vet. Van Der Laar Frank (+31 
4 13 47 26 50)
Rene van der Leest (+31 653 16 08 28 -

18-03-2018 (Birth date) NO VAT (VAT) Belgium - Minderhout (Location)

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