Tonight van de Eedthoek

Amadeo van't Vossenhof Z x Quinn vd Heffinck ( Luna van de Eedthoek )

Sold to: Czech Republic

Amadeo van't Vossenhof Z

Asca Z Askari Acord II
Krokusbluete Carthago
Weisse Rose
Caloma II Z Carthago Capitol I
Itoloma Libero H

Luna van de Eedthoek

Quinn vd Heffinck For Pleasure Furioso II
Concetta Concetto
Corrado I
Wiewie van de Heffinck Clinton Corrao I
urte I
Ovanna van de Heffinck Darco
Havanna van de Heffinck


SEX:        Mare

BORN:    2019
SIZE:       168 

The endless Asca scope is once again reflected in Tonight van de Eedthoek! This beautiful chestnut mare not only has the looks, but her genetic basis is also mouthwatering! The combination of her sporting performance x the genetic pedigree makes her a dream for the future! Not only the rider who aspires to be on top of the sport, but also the motivated breeder can warm up to Tonight vd Eedthoek!

By the Asca-son Amadeo van ‘t Vossenhof out of the famous dam line of Halifax van ‘t Kluizenbos/ Versace & Cremant vd Heffinck




What an excellent mare line that Tonight can fall back on! Bred by the young Asca son, Amadeo van't Vossenhof, in combination with a more than excellent dam line! The dam herself jumped the cycle for young horses at a young age and is in turn a half-sister of the approved stallion Magic Star van de Eedthoek and the 150 jumping Halifax van de Heffinck (Jacek Poger).

They all fall back on the well-known Wiewie/Ovanna van de Heffinck. This is the shortest way to the former number 1 in the world, Halifax van 't Kluizenbos (Lorenzo De Luca)! Not only did Ovanna vd Heffinck's full brother, Quiro van de Heffinck, jump the 150th level. Wiewie's half brothers and sisters also did that! Upsilon van de Heffinck, Versace van de Heffinck, Cremant van de Heffinck belong to this selective group!

All horses have passed an extended vet check (clinical/X-rays) and were approved by Dr. Wouter Dierickx and by the auction board. For reports/findings/X-rays and more information:  


Vet. Wouter Dierickx (+32 478 60 92 07 -

Valentijn De Brabander (+32 478 26 49 98 -

Christophe De Brabander (+32 486 21 90 31 -

Tim Reygaerts (+32 473 46 24 28 -

Tim Van Den Broeck (+32 474 51 82 32 - 

01-05-2019 (Birth date) 21% (VAT) Belgium - Gavere (Location)

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