Promising 160 damline and Untouchable

Untouchable x Nonstop ( Nabiente vh Dielshof Z )

Auction closure: 21-01-2019 21:00 local time Belgium, except any extentions


Hors la Loi Papillon Rouge Jalisco B
Ariane du Plesis II Joyau d'Or
Promesse Heartbreaker Nimmerdor
Chablis Carthago Z

Nabiente vh Dielshof Z

Nonstop Darco Lugano van la Roche
Glorca vh Schuttershof Carneval
Cita V C B Bos Z Carthago Z Capitol I
Sisi van Kempenhoeve Voltaire
Red Fado xx

Sold for: €7000

Sire Untouchable brings the best off French, Dutch and German blood together, his sire Hors La Loi and Heartbreaker. He came straight out of an international damline and is related to the Olympic stallion Clinton, or Chambertin, Classiker, Cardero and so many more! His offspring is really promising and can be known from Diesel (Annelies Vorsselmas), Corona (Kara Chad), HBR Don’t touch it M (Sheik Hassan bin Rashid) and many more.

Dam to his embryo is Nabiente van het Dielshof Z, Bred by Nonstop out of Cita V C B Bos Z. A Carthago mare by Voltaire. Cita her offspring did very well during their sportcarreer! Apriamo Z by Andiamo Z jumped on a 150 level with Pedro Fernando Mateos and won some classes the past year. Angel Z by Edinburgh competed on a 160 level with the Brazilian rider Jessica Machado Macedo and was sold to young rider Guilherme Zorzete. 3th in this row is Ilatina (Illatina van het Dielshof), currently with Radoslaw Zalewski. They compete at a regular base on a 3* level with several placings during the year on a 145- 150 level. Out of this damline we also could find Bagazza M and La Darca, both jumped on a 160-155 level. 

09-07-2019 (Birth date) NO VAT (VAT) Belgium - Hamont-Achel (Location)

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