Uranus van de Ronevallei

Querido VG x Wunder Boy van de Zuuthoeve ( Rune van de Ronevallei )

Sold to: Portugal

Querido VG

Dominator 2000 Z Diamant de Semilly Le Tot de Semilly
Venise des Cresles
Cephale 2000 Cassini I
Corsica VG Z Chellano Z Contender
Witness VG Darco

Rune van de Ronevallei

Wunder Boy van de Zuuthoeve Argentinus Argentan I
Jura van Sint-Maarten Nimmerdor
Victoria Athlet Z Alme Z
Alpina H Amor

SEX:          Stallion

BORN:      2020

SIZE:         161


Talented young stallion by former World Champion



Uranus is a nice brown stallion who is correctly built on the legs and has nice, bloody type. As a descend from a world Champion, Uranus showed the genetic base he inhered from his sire Querido VG. Just like his sire he is very careful on the fence and produces good scope that every jump looks effortless! 


Dam line

Does the sire of Uranus need any introduction? He is bred by Querido VG , this 7-year-old stallion became World Champion as a 5-year-old with Christian Ahlmann is a halfbrother of Leandro VG (by Dominator 2000 Z). by the dam side we will find  multiple top sires in a row, Wunderboy vd Zuuthoeve (S. Argentinus) and Athlet Z (s Almé).  Although the rather small pedigree, Uranus showed his full potential during his free jumping. It is therefore recommended to give it a glance.  

All horses have passed an extended vet check (clinical/X-rays) and were approved by Dr. Wouter Dierickx and by the auction board. For reports/findings/X-rays and more information:  


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15-06-2020 (Birth date) 21% (VAT) Belgium - Kortemark (Location)

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