Dutch Eventing Edition !


The Dutch and Belgium Eventing Sport is on the rise and continues to professionalize, more and more breeders are really focusing on the Eventing Sport. Many retired sport mares are used for breeding and are combined with the right stallions who inherit well for the Eventing Sport.
During the Maasbergen Horse Trials (NL) earlier this year, the first Dutch National Foal Inspection for Eventers was held. This inspection offered breeders the opportunity to put their foals in the spotlight and to see how the qualities of their own breeding product related to the other participants.
After this inspection, the first foals, specifically bred for Eventing Sport, were selected for our first Foal and Embryo Auction for Eventers! And we can already tell that we will have some Olympic Genes for sale!
Of course, top sport is the starting point. With foals and embryos out of mothers who performed 1, 2 or 3 star level herself or close family who gave already top performers in the International Eventing Sport we can say that we succeed in our main goal.
The auction will be in co-operation with Dutch Eventing Stables, your main Eventing partner in the Netherlands and Belgium.
The collection will be online end of September and will be presented during the Military of Boekelo (11-14 October – Enschede-Netherlands). Auction starts Friday 12th of October and will end on Monday the 15th of October from 20p.m.. 


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Dutch Eventing Edition !

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