Nice progress of the ET Auction Mixed Summer Edition!


Bids from all over the world: Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Switserland, Belgium, USA, France, UK...
ET Auction is very pleased with the progress of the last days, this unique collection is highly appreciated by everyone.

Get ready for the closing days of the auction.

Young Horse Collection 16-08 at 8p.m.
Embryo collection 17-08 at 8p.m.

Until tuesdaynight (15-08) no auction fee (7,5%) is charched!

For any questions you can always reach us by phone or mail.

Valentijn De Brabander
+32 478 264 998

ET Auction Mixed Summer Edition - in memory of Björn


Nov 12

Collection online: Belgian Youngster Trials Edition

14 talented jumpers selected during the biggest free jump contest in probably the best breeding area in the world
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Oct 30

Dutch Eventing Edition: satisfied initiator and good basis for big plans

Belgian Youngster Trials next up
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Oct 24

Auction OPEN - Dutch Eventing Edition! From Embryo to promising 6 year old horse!

4 Embryos, 12 foals and 6 youngsters who are ready to find there new Eventing passionate.
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Oct 21

Young Horse Collection DES ONLINE

In addition to the selected foals and top-quality embryos, the online auction of eventing horses through ET Auction ...
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Oct 03

Second Dutch Eventing Edition coming up

No time to relax ... this time through our partner Dutch Eventing Stables we provide our eventing enthusiasts with...
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