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SEX:        Mare
BORN:     2015 
SIZE:       165

We can’t say she didn’t steal her name! Like a nice flower, this mare knows how to please someone. Very easy in her riding abilities, good  and showing her full potential while jumping. You can immediately see the forward and careful mindset she inhered from her grandmother Fragance. Belle Fleur has already the results up to 130/cyclus 6 years old. She looks like a typical Fragance descend, you won’t be disappointed to have her into your (breeding)stable! 

By the Stakkato x Fein Cera son combined with the dam line of Fragance de Chalus

Belle Fleur is a genetic masterpiece, bred by an interesting genetic combined stallion! Sire By Cera d’Ick goes back to the best mare on the World Equestrian Games in Jerez 2002 and Olympic Gold Team member in Athens! Dam of Belle Fleur is Big Girl D’Ick, an Elvis ter Putte out of Cash and the legendary Fragance de Chalus. 2nd dam Urline is also dam of the impressive jumper AD A Big Boy with Doda De Miranda. Also the 150 jumper Cool Girl D’Ick is a descend of Urline. She is also a real stallion producer: Little boy de La Pomme (Elvis Ter Putte), Ponsee V (A Pickachu De Muze) and Tyrol de Muze (Terror) are all approved stallions.

Looking Back to Fragance, she is a daughter of French most legendary damlines, Nifrane/Ifrane. Fragance has influenced the breeding and sport in many ways. Her most famous descends are Norton D’Eole, Mylord Carthago and Bamako de Muze. But she was also the genetic beginning of several Topjumpers such as Theodore Mancias (GP winner Samorin, Jaguar vd Berghoeve (Jasmine Chen), Ego van Orti (Edwina Tops), Sandor de la Pomme (Peter Wylde), Bacardi-Rhum de Muze (D. Noterman), Ronaldo de la Pomme (Christine McCrea), Koshin de muze (Thomas v Minnebrugge),  and many others.

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25-09-2022 (Date de naissance)

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19:09:17      Usha damline x Emerald €8000
19:09:54      Dominator by 160 For Pleasure mare €13000
18:09:53      Dominator by 160 For Pleasure mare €12000
18:09:10      Eldorado comes to Emerald family €9000
15:09:44      Eldorado comes to Emerald family €8500
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