World’s best blood in one embryo

Diamant de Semilly x Arezzo VDL ( Arrezina van't Merelsnest Z )

Vendu à: Allemagne

Diamant de Semilly

Le Tot de Semilly Grand Veneur Amour du Bois
Tanagra G
Venue du Tot Juriste
Venise des Cresles Elf III Ibrahim
Miss des Cresles Amarpour xx

Arrezina van't Merelsnest Z

Arezzo VDL Chin Chin Constant
Sarjolijn Heartbreaker
Indi Blue-W van't Merelsnest Mr. Blue Couperus
Wendelina van't Merelsnest Darco

 Dam Arrezina van’t Merelsnest is becoming 4 year old and is bred by the promising Arezzo VDL. Dam to Arrezina is Indi Blue-W van’t Merelsnest, 10 years old and currently competing at 1.45m level, is a Mr. Blue out of Wendelina van ’t Merelsnest. This Wendelina has good sport results and even better breeding results. With Edjaz van ’t Merelsnest and Glasgow van ’t Merelsnest she already gave birth to two approved stallions. Wendelina is none less than the full sister of Sapphire, the legendary horse of Ward McClain. Ward McClain and Sapphire won every major championship, including two golden team medals at the Olympics in Athens and Beijing. 

This embryo’s father Diamant de Semilly was the leading show jumping sire in for several years, started in 2015. Famous sons are Emerald, Quickly de Kreisker, Utamaro d’Ecaussines, Elvis ter Putte, Sunshine, Don VHP Z, Pacino, Extra van Essene and Urano de Cartigny. 

This embryo is carried by its own mother.
Foal will be born at mare owner's place in Belgium.
1.500 euro (excl. VAT) will be added to the auction price for nursing the foal until max. of 150 days of age.
(unusual veterinary costs not included)

22-04-2019 (Date de naissance) NO VAT (TVA) Belgium - Arc Ainieres (Lieu)

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