Out of promising Butterfly Flip offspring

Eames de Hus x Mosito vh Hellehof ( Quick Flip de Muze )

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Eames de Hus

Conrad de Hus Con Air 7 Contender
Fair Lady IX
Minne I Locato
Miss Coriano Coriano Z Corrado I
Eroica II Ramiro Z

Quick Flip de Muze

Mosito vh Hellehof Elvis ter Putte Diamant de Semilly
Ukase ter Putte
Hadise van het Hellehof Nabab de Reve
Vigo's Flip de Muze Z Vigo d'Arsouilles Nabab de Reve
Illico d'Arsouilles
H&M Butterfly Flip Robin I Z
Baderna xx

Prix de vente: €7500

Vendu à: France

 Each buyer at ET Auction’s Winter Edition 2017 will get 500kg “Breeding” horse feed of our main partner Lannoo voeders (transport costs excluded).

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This embryo is made by a promising youngster, Eames De Hus, who became approved in Zangersheide 2016. There he has been sold to Joris De Brabander of Stal De Muze. During the stallion competition he showed his quality and his potential. Eames De Hus outstand himself with excellent sires in he's pedigree… Conrad De Hus, Coriano and Ramiro Z in a row! Eames is produced by Gregory Whathelet's European silver winner, Conrad De Hus. Out of Miss Coriano who's bred by the Holstein Coriano and Ramiro, Miss Coriano is full sister to a former World Cup winner, Something Special with Lara Neill (RSA). Out of the damline we can find some 160 international sport horses Landprinz, Holsatia, SomethingSpecial, Monaco, Callisto, Cassiomata. Dam Quick flip de Muze Z is bred by The promising youngster Mosito out of Vigo’s flip de Muze. Who is bred by Vigo out of Butterfly Flip. Mosito van het Hellehof is a 7-year-old, promising stallion out of the origin of Action Breaker and Quasimodo vd Molendreef. Quick flip stand out herself during the last free jump contest in Hulsterlo where she won with 91 points out of 100. Her granddam Butterfly flip, is Maline Baryard-Johnsson’s former 160 horse. She went 2 times to the Olympic games, and was part of the Silver team in Sydney. In 2003 she also won the World Cup of Geneva and finished 3 in the World Cup finals in Las Vegas. Flip herself gave birth to Flip’s little Sparrow (Cardento) who jumps 160 with Peder Fredericson and Stephanie Holmen who succeeded to win the World Cup of Zurich back in 2018, and Flips Fairytale (Click and Cash) with Stephanie Holmen.

26-08-2019 (Date de naissance) 21% (TVA) Belgium - Sint-Niklaas (Lieu)

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