Heartbreaker by Gunpower and Bertram Allen

Heartbreaker x Vigo d'Arsouilles ( Naranja AEG )

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Naranja AEG

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NAME:                Homerun AEG Z

SEX:                    Colt

BORN:                11-04-2020


Heartbreaker by Gunpower and BERTRAM ALLEN


This foal was carried and now raised by a carrier mare



Call it a homerun when you buy this one! What else could you expect from sire Heartbreaker? A nice typed colt who has quick feed and looks to be very smart in his behavior! Over the years the family Aegten shows their potential in breeding and we do believe that this is their next home run!



By the amazing Heartbreaker out of the same family as Gun Powder (Bertram Allen) and goes back to the GP winning mare Olympia ( Michel Robert)



Homerun is bred out of the 7-year-old Naranja AEG, and Naranja isn’t just a young promising mare, she is bred by former world champion Vigo D’Arsouilles and is a half-sister to the already 160 performing Gun Powder of Bertram Allen (by Eldorado AEG Z), but as well Jackson (Leatitia Du Couëdic), F Olympic MH the Non-Stop stallion who performed as well on the 160 level with Fiona Meier. And a last halfbrother to her is Gin Doctro, the AES approved stallion. If you go a little bit more upwards in this damline, you’ll be surprised with everything you can find… 3th dam Ameline is a straight descend of the GP winning mare of Michel Robert up to 160! And she is also the 2Nddam of Kannan Kopf, a Kannan son who jumps with the Portugese Bruno Pereirinha on the 150 level. 


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11-04-2020 (Date de naissance) 21% (TVA) Belgium - Peer (Lieu)

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