Quick star and European Silver Cella!

Quick Star x Wandor van't Roosakker ( Hera van't Roosakker )

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Quick Star

Galoubet A Alme Z Ibrahim
Viti Nystag
Ida de Bourgoin
Stella Nithard Kesbeth
Flora Tripoli

Hera van't Roosakker

Wandor van't Roosakker Landor S Landadel
Fureida 2
Sister Pleasure Mispelaere For Pleasure
Joke vd Mispelaere
Cella Cento Capitol I
Viola XI
Usha van't Roosakker Chin Chin
Rosanne vd Withoeve

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offre actuelle: €10000
offre minimum: €11000


One of the few descends of Cella herself! Cella is the well-known grey mare off Ben Maher who succeeded in a silver medal during the European Championships in Herning 2013. Hera is a full sister to Happy Wandor van ’t Roosakker and Handor van ’t roosakker, both stallions performed up to 150-160!  Other halfbrother Fabio van ’t roosakker by For Pleasure, jumped with the Italian Melissa Vanzzani up to 155. What else about Cella? She is straight out of Usha van ’t roosakker… One of the best Chin Chin mares ever! Her list of performing descents is just endless! She is the dam of Babbe van ’t Roosakker ( Kannan), Britt van ’t Roosakker (Equest Carnute), Equador van ’t roosakker (Nabab de Reve) and his full brother Emporio van ’t Roosakker, Goodboy (Vigo d’arsouilles) and George Z (Kannan) both approved for stallions and George is the promising young talent of Lorenzo Di Luca. But there is more! Usha was the solid base to several more top performers such as Isaac vd Bisschop (CalvaroZ), Jackson vd Bisschop (Flipper D’Elle), Josephine vd Bisschop (Tornado), Melvin vd Bisschop (Elvis ter putte), Athena/Femken van ’t Roosakker (Berlin), Dulhan de la Roque (Quidam de Revel), Giorgio van ’t Hagenhof (Bentley vd Heffinck), Bingo (For Hero de hus), Geena van ’t Roosakker (Darco) and her descents Jes van ’t Hoogeinde, Jivaro Imperio Egipcio, Kheros van ’t Hoogeinde and Happy Felix Hero Z. And many more to name! We can’t forget to talk about the Atoucha line, Electra van ’t Roosakker (Carthago Z),Falco van’t Roosakker (Berlin) and Gatouche van ’t Roosakker (Diamant de Semilly) are all descents of Atouche and are performing to the highest levels of our lovely sport! More to name are Tinkoucha Hero Z, Kerswin van ’t Roosakker, VDL groep Elegant Hero Z, Horpleasure van’t Roosakker, Imke van ’t Roosakker, Kaprice and Kassander van ’t Roosakker. All top horses, so we only can expect to be this embryo as the next one! This all combined with the legendary Quick Star… He passed away a few years ago but his influence is still present! Olympic Champion Big Star, or the impressive Vleut, Or Patrice Deleveau his Orient Express are just a few to name to prove what he is worth! Take a closer look to the complete Hippomundo pedigree and don’t miss any of the talented horses this damline has given so far!

01-05-2020 (Date de naissance) 21% (TVA) France - Saint-Jean-d Arrieres (Lieu)

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05:01:52      Emerald out of 160 jumper Ice Baby €7500
05:01:23      Overall winner Jikke by legendary Baloubet €8500
05:01:17      Only 160 jumpers in a row and WBFSH nr 1! €12000
05:01:49      Only 160 jumpers in a row and WBFSH nr 1! €11000
01:01:35      Olympic Sapphire and Emerald €8000
23:01:43      Darco son and fullsister Corofino €10000
20:01:49      Full brother/sister to Admara 2 €12000
19:01:23      Quick star and European Silver Cella! €10000
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