Cicero to legendary Carthago Z

Cicero Z x Numero Uno ( Winning Girl )

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Cicero Z

Carthago Capitol I Capitano
Perra Calando I
Rendez-Vous van Paemel Randel Z Ramiro Z
Alaric Z
Granie Graphit

Winning Girl

Numero Uno Libero H Landgraf I
Jolanda Lord Calando
A-Cover Girl Capitol I Capitano
Perra Calando I

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offre minimum: €7000



Sire cicero Z, bred by the famous Carthago out of a Randel Z mare has earned his stripes in breeding. He Can be known as the sire of Izzy by Piccobelo or Hercules v Paemel, the impressive jumper of Catherine van Roosbroeck, Gautcho da Quinta or Viktor Daem’s IC Magic van de Bien who jumps clear round after clear round … only a couple to name but the list is already endless! 

And what do you want more than a proved sire combined with a proved dam line? Dam winning girl is by the Libero H stallion, Numero Uno. Winning girl is already the dam of several young performers, such as the Quickthago VDL who is approved for the Oldenburg Studbook. Or his halfbrother Gylord Carthago BH who is currently jumping 145 with the Belgian Gill Cools. Halfbrother of winning girl is Lactic 2, the Landjunker gelding who jumped with John Whitaker the 160 levels and also Zatascha N (Philip Loven) and Lord boy, the 140-145 performers. Dam of all these international stars is Cover Girl! She jumped herself 150 and is a half-sister to several international illustrious horses! Her full brother is Carthago Z! The legendary stallion who performed at the Olympic Games in 1996 and 2000 and won several GP’s and Nations Cup’s! out of the same dam as Carthago, Cinnamon 3 the 150 jumpers with Roland Englbrecht. Also, Markus Beerbaum his ABC Charleston and Voigtsdorfs Quonschbob with the Argentinian Augustin Rosales jumped 155-160 during their international career! Other known horses can be Clarissimo Z, A golden Boy Hero Z, Dream Alive Heroand Chiletto jumped 140-145. Don’t think twice and go for the second legendary progeny out of this outstanding damline!

01-05-2020 (Date de naissance) 21% (TVA) The Netherlands - Maria Hoop (Lieu)

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05:01:52      Emerald out of 160 jumper Ice Baby €7500
05:01:23      Overall winner Jikke by legendary Baloubet €8500
05:01:17      Only 160 jumpers in a row and WBFSH nr 1! €12000
05:01:49      Only 160 jumpers in a row and WBFSH nr 1! €11000
01:01:35      Olympic Sapphire and Emerald €8000
23:01:43      Darco son and fullsister Corofino €10000
20:01:49      Full brother/sister to Admara 2 €12000
19:01:23      Quick star and European Silver Cella! €10000
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