El Barone by 160 Aquila HDC and Clintissima

El Barone 111 Z x Tornesch ( Halita ES )

Vendu à: Belgique

El Barone 111 Z

Emerald Diamant de Semilly Le Tot de Semilly
Venise des Cresles
Carthina Z Carthago
Tanagra s van het Darohof
Naktibro Libero H Landgraf I
Fanakta Zeus

Halita ES

Tornesch Lux Z Lord Calando
Apocalypte Z
Ninerta Libero H
Maxime O Lauriston Latus I
Isis O Landadel

The best of both worlds combined, a strong and proven damline with the upcoming star, El Barone. The Emerald son, bred by a Libero H mare is showing his class week after week and knows how to perform on a regular base with the Belgian rider Rachel Steffen. Damline of this embryo is very unique! It’s not such a long damline but what has 2nd dam Maxime O already done for our sport… Halita ES is by Tornesh and is a halfsister to Aquila HDC who is now under the saddle of the french Patrice Deleceau. Aquila was part of the Dutch investment group SFN, but got sold a couple of years ago. Another half-sister is Clintissima, the Clinton mare who performed with Marta Bottanelli and James Paterson-Robinson up to 160. Clintissima herself is the dam of Deejay, the 12-year-old stallion by Contendro I who is now jumping with the Canadian Braden James and before by Pilar Lucrecia Cordon. Another halfbrother to Anita is the KWPN stallion Graniet Es (Flamenco de Semilly) who is jumping with Patrick and Wout Jan Van der Schans and Jubel ES the Harley VDL son who got approved for the KWPN. You can’t call this embryo a risk, you know what you buy… everything out of this damline knows how to jumps!

30-04-2020 (Date de naissance) 21% (TVA) The Netherlands - Tull en t Waal (Lieu)

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