Aaron von Hary Z

Alicante x Indian Gold ( Dream van de Castershoeve )

Veiling van 22-01-2021 10:00 tot 25-01-2021 20:45


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Dream van de Castershoeve

Indian Gold Bon Ami Elegant de l'Ile
Happy-Gold Romeo
Salome R
Ping-Pong van de Casterhoeve Nabab de Reve Quidam de Revel
Melodie en Fa
Cocquette de l'Ile Elegant de l'Ile

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Instelprijs: €6000

SEX:                 Stallion

BORN:             2018

SIZE:                 158


A dream of a stallion with outstanding jumping genes



What a beauty he is? Aaron has the looks, the presence and the maturity to impress everyone around! What a dream he is! This stallion has a lot of the qualities of his family inhered… some great scope comes to a really careful horse who tries his best time after time. You won’t be surprised to see him in a few years doing the bigger work!



An Alicante son by Indian Gold and Nabab de Reve out of Bon Ami’s damline



Aaron is bred by the talented Casall-son, Alicante. This grey stallion showed a lot of his qualities with Jerome Guery and Marlon Modolo Zanotelli. And all of Aaron’s quality goes back to a rather small damline. But with proven top jumpers included! And I’ll present it to you, Bon Ami! The approved son of Elegant de l’Ile was Eric Wauters his top jumper for several years, the legacy of these 2 is still going on! But there are more top jumpers to name, close related to Bon Ami was Feeling Lucky who is still jumping under the saddle of the Egyptian Karim El Zogby.  More to name are Trillion, Caranjo Z, Barry Brown Escaille and Kash vh Excelhof. All consistently 145 jumpers. 

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