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Auction closure: 24-01-2020 06:00 local time Belgium, except any extentions



Verkoopprijs: €11000

 The second Cornet of the auction, and does he need any more introduction? Cornet already earned his stripes in sport but is showing off his quality in breeding even more! Together with Marco Kutscher they were part of the German team and booked succes all over the world. His offspring is almost as known as he is!Cristallo I (Hendrik von Eckerman), Cornado NRW and Comme il Faut (Marcus Ehning), Cornet D'amour (Daniel Deusser) and Marco Kutschers top horse, Cornet's Cristallo. Are just a few to name, and this one is for sure a reference to add in the future! Dam Argentina is dam of some promising youngsters who show off their skills almost every week, Brooklyn du Toultia Z jumped clear round after clear round during the STX cyclus for young horses. 2nddam of this embryo is Madona PK, who jumped herself up to 145 with former World Champion Philippe Le Jeune. She has been used very late for breeding but it all looks promising! Again du toultia jumped up to 145, Cannonball du Toultia Z made it up to 160 with Marcus Ehning and Daytona du Toultia performed up to 150 with Thibault Desterbecq. Argos du Toultia, Show Girl du Toultia and Diamonds du Toultia are all young but showed their quality for jumping clear with several results on national and international level. This isn’t just a gamble, only a certainty for the future!

24-01-2020 (Geboortedatum)

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