F├ędora de Will

For Pleasure x Cassini II ( Baccardi )

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For Pleasure

Furioso II Furioso xx Precipitation xx
Maureen xx
Dame de Ranville Talisman
Que Je Suis Bel
Gigantin Grannus Graphit
Goldi Goya


Cassini II Captiol I Capitano
Wisma Caletto II
Gisela III Cor de la Bryere Rantzau
Bettina III Silvester

Verkoopprijs: €9500

Verkocht naar: Polen

SEX:                Mare

BORN:             2017

SIZE:               162


Complete mare, ready to show 



Fédora is a beautiful mare, she has all a rider is looking for… She is a 4-years old and who is already saddle broken. Fédora is very easy to ride and thanks to her great natural balance she’ll be a pleasure to ride with! Her jumping qualities are also very remarkable, during her free-jumping presentation, she showed of her quick front leg reactions and the good use of her front leg. Fédora always tries her best and is as careful as can be! 


Fédora is already saddle broken


By good old for pleasure combined with Cassini II and Cor de la Bryere


Dam line

Fédora is an accumulation of the best stallions in the world… Golden For Pleasure with Marcus Ehning, the Holstein Cassini II and Selle Francais Cor de la Bryere. She is already the full sister of the two AES approved stallion Casallsini and Casallsini II. Her granddam Gisela III is also dam of the 150 jumper Conander (Alvaro Ladron De Guevara Ruiz). 3th dam Bettina III is the genetic base of Marie Goldstein-Engle’s Böckmanns Lazio who performed up to 160 and the Clarimo ASK-son Cesserias Crack who also jumped up to 160. Also Chepetto 10 and Cambiato goes back to Bettina III. Both of them jumped up to 145-150. 

More out of this dam line Adriano (by Alasca), Casaraio (Calido), Lordano (Lordanos), Centrino (Casiro I), Croesus (Casall Ask) and Dolce Vita Crosby (Canturo) are all close related to this mare Fedora! 

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