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Verkoopprijs: €14000

 The genetic value of this embryo cannot be underestimated! On the father's side we find the renowned Kashmir van't schietshof, while on the mother's side it can fall back on the well-known damline of Babbe/Usha.

To illustrate the added value of Kashmir, we need look no further than the last World Championship, where team Sweden, thanks to 2 Kashmir descendants (H&m All-In & H&M Indiana) managed to get the gold medal. They already did this daring piece the year before at the Olympic Games in Tokyo!


On the mother's side we find the Radco mare, Jack Pot van 't Hagenhof. After cashing in on the cycle for young horses, she is now building a strong reputation as a broodmare. This mare is a half sister to several 160 performing horses such as Kipling (Francisco Rocha), Fabio (Francois Bossu), and Frauke (Mike van Belle). All born at the Hagenhof stud farm and direct descendants of the mare Babbe van t roosakker. This Kannan mare is a direct descendant of Usha van t roosakker and has more than earned her stripes in sport and breeding. A look at the hippomundo pedigree will also make you dream of the genetic potential that can be found in this exceptional combination!

Additional conditions for this embryo: The foal must be registered with suffix ‘vd Bisschop’ in his/her given name and Stal den Bisschop will be mentioned as co-breeder of this foal.


The carrier mares are checked for pregnancy at moment of auction. 

Insurance of the embryos is possible by our partner David Ashby Europe - https://ashbyunderwriting.com/sports-horses-insurance/  - contact Heidi Roberts (email: hroberts@ogbroking.com – Whatsapp: + 44 7732 691778)


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