Rokeechobee STB

Gino H x Inshallah de Muze ( Massima van't Spieveld )

Veiling van 22-01-2021 10:00 tot 25-01-2021 20:30

Gino H

Calvino Z Calvin Z Caletto II
Easanette Ramiro Z
Jomara Ekstein Zion
Fomara Ulft

Massima van't Spieveld

Inshallah de Muze Nabab de Reve Quidam de Revel
Melodie en Fa
Exellentia de Muze For Pleasure
Narcotique II de Muze
Tequila van Spieveld Capital Capitol I
Quina van Spieveld Lys de Darmen

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Instelprijs: €6000


SEX:                 Mare

BORN:             2017

SIZE:                 164


Interesting bred mare with the mouthwatering jumping skills!



Rokeechobee is an outstanding mare, she doesn’t only have the looks because the moment she start jumping, you’ll get even more impressed. She clears the fence time after time in an outstanding way. She is extreme careful, she doesn’t want to touch the pole at all! Only quality assured with Rokeechobee!



By Hickstead’s half-brother out of an Inshallah de Muze mare who is related to Echo van’t Spieveld



Rokeechobee is bred out of one of the best mares that exist in Belgium. Tequila vh Spieveld! Dam of Rokeechobee is an Inshallah mare straight out of her, and all of Tequila’s descends are water mouthing! First to name, Amber vh Spieveld: A Nabab de Reve mare who jumped up to 160. But also Casper vh Spieveld, a Mr Blue Stallion who become second during the world cup in Mechelen. And the list goes on, the outstanding stallion Echo vh Spieveld, and Gentille vh Spieveld both performed up to 160. And the last to name is Izeaux vh Spieveld, they all earned their stripes in the top sport so far. But there are more of them, the young talents are also knocking on the door… The 7 year old Nada vh Spieveld or the approved Robijn van d’Abelendreef are just a few to name! going more up into this damline will bring us to Heliante van Spieveldhoek (by Wandor vd Mispelaere) who jumped also the 150 classes. Looking more up brings us to 4th dam Ugana who was on her turn dam of the well-known mare Malissa. She was the solid base of Quinta vh Spieveld, Summer vh Spieveld, Ensor vh Spieveld and Falco vh Spieveld. All top jumpers who outstood their career with great succes! Another descend of Ugana is Nikita vh Spieveld. She is the full sister of Melissa and she was on her turn the beginning of LB Oh Harry, Atletico vh Paradijs and Hautain van ‘t Paradijs. And who else is coming out of this outstanding damline? Yes you are right! Delux Van T&L ! the amazingly Toulon son who is Niels Bruynseels his biggest card for the next Olympic games.  To have the full overview we do strongly recommend to give a glamp at the Hippomundo pedigrees!

All horses have passed an extended vet check (clinical/X-rays) and were approved by Dr. Wouter Dierickx and by the auction board. For reports/findings/X-rays and more information:  


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01-01-2017 (Geboortedatum) 21% (BTW) Belgium - Meerdonk (Locatie)

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