Warre van de Forrestraat (pony)

Kryptonite van Orchid's x Calipso van de Vondelhoeve ( Nelke )

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Kryptonite van Orchid's

Kanshebber Krimh OX Komplekt OX
Somalia OX
Daisy Brown Kebir II OX
Essink's Gipsy Queen
Orchid's Black Star kantje's Carlando Kantje's Ronaldo
Weverijk's Santana
Orchid's Lunifera Ralph


Calipso van de Vondelhoeve Nabor Nantano
Kantje's Madonna Priory Prickle
Kantjes Warrinette
Eliza Voltaire Large Rivers
Vieki Montie NPA

Verkoopprijs: €11375

Verkocht naar: Belgiƫ

SEX:                Stallion

BORN:             2018 

SIZE:                146


Amazing Top-Pony prospect, what a jumper!  



For everything is a first time, and for us it is presenting a pony stallion to you! This Warre van de Forreststraat is a well typed and amazing looking pony. He got the looks and above all, the jumping qualities! During his free jumping we were amazed by his confidence and willing to clear the fence in a spectacular but good way. Warre is going to be a dream for every kid to start riding with! 



By Kryptonite van Orchid’s combined with Calipso van de Vondelhoeve and Voltaire


Dam line

The pony breeding isn’t that widespread as the warmblood horses, so we only can judge on what we see. The sire of Warre is Kryptonite, bred by an international performing dam who already gave birth to several international springponies an to approved stallions Orchid's Lambada and Kosmo van Orchidswho. Kryptonithe on his turn bred by Kanshebber. This Kanshebber was crowned as sire of the year in 2015 and is now seen is the best pony porducer in the Nethernlands. Kanshebber was bred out of the combination of European champion winner mare and an allround sire who showed performances in: jumping, eventing and dressage. We can see Kanshebber as the producer of several 130 performing jumpers such as Orchids Luna Star, Kamirez van Orchids and Orchids Primera. Kryptonite is also related to the approved BWP stallion Kantje’s Elco. On the dam side we find Calipso, he is by Nabor and Priory Prickle and was the sire of Quatro van de Vondelhoeve who also jumped the international 130 level. 

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