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Horse embryo sale had to come

It’s generally known that the influence of the dam line is the most defining and limiting factor in horse breeding. Thanks to E.T. (embryo transfer) good sport and broodmares get the opportunity to make their mark on breeding.

By offering embryos, we make it possible to make the genetic influence of the dam line to be available.

Earn your commission with ET Auction
ET Auction not only rewards his buyers with an exclusive embryo. 
Earn your commission while bidding on your favorite ET Auction.


Feb 19

The last will be the first - Auction Open !

Time to get excited and start the bids!
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Feb 12

The Climax of ET Auction’s Wintersale

After a tremendous beginning of the year, it’s time to end with a bang! After three successful youngster edition, ...
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Jan 29

Open your breeding season with a winner!

You were already amazed by the quality of free-jumpers? Get ready for the start of your breeding season 2021.
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Jan 16

Last but not least!

2021 has just started in an amazing way. After a successful second part of the New Year Young Horses, we go straight ...
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Dec 30

Fireworks to end 2020 and 15 rough diamonds to ring in 2021!

It had to and has become a spectacular end to close the historic year 2020. The Belgian Champion (5 years) Presley ...
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