Anything to be lost by buying online


In anticipation of the upcoming auctions to start of the next breeding season, we look back at 2014.


Exciting times at the end of August 2014, the first ET Auction. A nice bred embryo from the direct dam line of Sea Coast Ferly, today s top horse of the Belgian Gudrun Patteet. After a dozen bids and a correct sales price we could speak of a successful start. In the following weeks, there were six embryos who changed owners through the online auction.


The place to be, where sport and breeding come together for an entire week, the FEI World Breeding Jumping Championships for Young Horses at Lanaken, Zangersheide. ET Auction could not but be represented in Lanaken. We were proud to offer some interesting embryos and with result, six embryos exchanged ownership.


Here you find an overview of the sold embryos:


ET Auction experienced many foreign interests in this new project, where the most valuable genetics become available to everyone.

However, 80% of the embryos remained in Belgian hands after sale. Belgians are not for nothing world top in breeding. Good genetics are the basis on which to start, a thought that always can count on more and more applause abroad. The high cost of an embryo is often in stark contrast with the great opportunities it can offer, foals with these pedigree are rare on the market.

There is anything to be lost by buying online as there is nothing to see, there is not more to say than the correct background information of the embryo.

In the meanwhile more than 5000 people are registered to our website, 13 embryos were sold and more than €1000 commission was divided among the bidders in 2014. 


To start of the next breeding season we have put together a wide range of interesting pregnancies, foaling in 2015, who will be auctioned in the coming months.

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