Overall winner Jikke by legendary Baloubet

Baloubet du Rouet x Cambridge ( Olijfje )

Auction closure: 20-01-2020 20:00 local time Belgium, except any extentions

Baloubet du Rouet

Galoubet A Alme Z Ibrahim
Viti Nystag
Ida de Bourgoin
Mesange du Rouet Starter Rantzau xx
Badine Bel Avenir
Perle de Norval


Cambridge Caletto I Cor de la Byere
Hilgunde Marlon xx
Kalista Concorde Voltaire
Surprise Pantheon xx

Auction ends :

current bid: €8500
min next bid: €9000

Father to this really exclusive embryo is maybe all-time best performer Baloubet Du Rouet! Who became Olympic Champion in 2004 Athens with Rodrigo Pessoa, World cup final winner in Goteborg and Las Vegas. During his career he succeeded in 65 victories and was almost ranked every time he participated. He got his recognition to get approved for all the warm-blood studbooks. And his offspring is currently doing what their father did, competing at the highest level! His progeny is world famous with Paloubet D'halong (Janika Sprunger),Chaman (Ludger Beerbaum), Rahmannshof's Baluga (Felix Schneider/ David Will), VDL Bubalu (Jur Vrieling), Maloubet de Pleville (Peder Fredericson), Balou Du Rouet… Does he need more introduction? Combined with the outstanding damline of Jikke! Dam of the Embryo is Olijfje, who is the dam to Janika Sprungers’s Olympic horse Bonne Chance CW! And his halfbrother Zhum CW who jumped up 150 with McLain Ward and also the approved stallion Italo (by Inshallah De Muze)! Olijfjes halfbrother Storm (Caletto I) and Varchi (Poor Boy)  who jumped up to 150! Half-sister Tabitha is also dam to Abra Kadabra (Vancouver) is the former 160 international horse of Matteo Barca and Albert Zoer. But if we take a closer look to 2nd dam of Olijfje, Surprise… she is the dam of Audi’s Jikke! The overall winner of Eric van der Vleuten and also the dam of Vleut, the Quick Star stallion of Edwina Tops Alexander! Moreover, we see the 150 jumper Cash, by Vigo d’arsouilles with Raman Yasko.

10-04-2020 (Birth date) 21% (VAT) The Netherlands - Liempde (Location)

Latest bids

05:01:35      Olympic Sapphire and Emerald €8500
05:01:52      Emerald out of 160 jumper Ice Baby €7500
05:01:23      Overall winner Jikke by legendary Baloubet €8500
05:01:17      Only 160 jumpers in a row and WBFSH nr 1! €12000
05:01:49      Only 160 jumpers in a row and WBFSH nr 1! €11000
01:01:35      Olympic Sapphire and Emerald €8000
23:01:43      Darco son and fullsister Corofino €10000
20:01:49      Full brother/sister to Admara 2 €12000
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