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Sold for: €14000

SEX:         Mare  

BORN:      2020

SIZE:         172


Diamant-daughter by international damline



Like a real Diamond, Daiquiri is the name, is a real eye-catcher. She has the complete package: sport and breeding goes hand in hand. Her type is very sportive and she has the correct and good movements in her trot and canter. Above that, Daiquiri has the quality to clear the fences with ease. She is one to keep an eye on, seen to her nice pedigree


Dam line

Daiquiri is bred by former WBFSH 1 stallion Diamant de Semilly and goes back to a proven dutch damline with Crespo VDL x Zuidhorn. 

Halfsister of dam Hornfee is the 150 jumper Lotus XV with Patrice Delaveau and Veihaiwej with Tom Martens. Close related is Seventh Fee, a 160 jumpers of the Norwagian Morten Alexander.

More up into this dam line we will find other performers on the 160 level such as Olivier S, Primeur and Temascaltepec. 

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17-04-2024 (Birth date)

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