Diamant and Jessica K├╝rtens Castleforbes Libertina

Diamant de Semilly x Numero Uno ( H. Patuno SR )

Sold to: Germany

Diamant de Semilly

Le Tot de Semilly Grand Veneur Amour du Bois
Tanagra G
Venue du Tot Juriste
Venise des Cresles Elf III
Miss des Cresles Amarpour xx

H. Patuno SR

Numero Uno Libero H Landgraf I
Jolanda Lord Calando
Patine Polydor Pilatus
Fata Morgana
Dolde Debuetant

This embryo is carried by its own mother.
Foal will be born at mare owner's place at HB Mare Care in The Netherlands - Lunteren.
1.500 euro (excl. VAT) will be added to the auction price for nursing the foal until max. of 150 days of age.
(unusual veterinary costs not included)

Does Diamant need some more introduction? This embryo’s father Diamant de Semilly was the leading show jumping sire in for several years, started in 2015. Famous sons are Emerald, Quickly de Kreisker, Utamaro d’Ecaussines, Elvis ter Putte, Sunshine, Don VHP Z, Pacino, Extra van Essene and Urano de Cartigny. The list of International progenies is just endless! All this combined with Patuno SR, the Numero Uno mare who is a half-sister to Jessica Kürtens incredible CastelForbes Libertina! The Libero mare who won almost everywhere in the world! Thanks to her victories in the World Cup of Leipzig and Zürich, and the Final of the GCT in Sao Paolo, she won almost over 650.00 euro! Another halfbrother to Patuno is Master Reuben who performed to a 140 level with Juan Carlos Cuenca. This is unique opportunity to come close to Castleforbes Libertina again! 

21-05-2020 (Birth date) 10% (VAT) The Netherlands - Lunteren (Location)

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