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Sold for: €10000

The best of different worlds come together in this embryo. Father Balou du Rouet is a son of the former Olympic champion Baloubet. Balou himself jumped at the 145 level but became even more famous through his offspring. Olympic champion Steve Guerdat jumped at the 170 level with Albführen's Bianca, just as Babalou did under the saddle of Darragh Kenny. 
On the maternal side, we once again encounter the well-known blood of Clinton, thanks to Cornet Obolensky. This was crossed with the mother of Tobago Z. The chestnut stallion ridden by Daniel Deusser made a name for himself for several years at the highest level, and together, they claimed various 5* Grand Prix victories.

It's no coincidence that mother Whoopie C herself jumped at the highest level with the Belgian rider Jonas Bellemans. Besides Tobago, Beijing Z and HH Donnatella are also part of these high-flying jumpers! They respectively jumped at the 150 and 160 levels with their riders.
When we delve deeper into this damline, we find another half-brother of mother Whoopie, Aga-Khan-C. This stallion successfully jumped at the 150 level under the Belgian flag. Going higher up, we encounter several international 160 horses such as Infamia del Amor 305, Etoile Chin van Seven Oaks, Hero van Heiste, Julieta del Amor, and many others. It's no accident that this damline has repeatedly proven itself both in breeding and in sport! 

The carrier mares are checked for pregnancy at moment of auction. 

Insurance of the embryos is possible by our partner David Ashby Europe - 


https://ashbyunderwriting.com/sports-horses-insurance/  - contact Heidi Roberts (email: hroberts@ogbroking.com – Whatsapp: + 44 7732 691778)


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25-06-2024 (Birth date)

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